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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your Body?-An In Depth Explanation

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your Body?-An In-Depth Explanation

The suffering that has intruded on the lives of many people has left them with limited choices. Finding an alternative to help manage these kinds of pain is the only thing they are looking up to. Due to the enhancements of technology and the availability of personnel and funds, many scientists have come up with a powerful natural way of managing pain, anxiety, depression, and stress. Even though CBD oil seems to be the only answer, there are still questions that haven’t been answered. How long does Cbd stay in your body? I believe you don’t want to fail the drug test, and you wish to know the duration taken by Cbd in your body (blood, urine, saliva, and hair). Worry less, here is a complete insight that explains the time CBD can take in your system.

What Is CBD And What Happens to My Body If I Consume It?

For the past years, cannabis was used by different groups of people for varying purposes. Formation of ropes (from the hemp plant) that were used on ships is a practice example. As if that isn’t enough, there is still evidence of the use of hemp seeds among anxiety habitats. Today, the use of CBD oil has just gone beyond human imagination. CBD, as a plant, have more therapeutic benefits.

Many CBD companies normally extract CBD oil from the industrial hemp plant. This can be done wither through solvent extraction or CO2 extraction method. The end products are a pure CBD oil that can be informed of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. It’s the CBD oil that is infused with other Ingredients to make CBD edibles, CBD vape, CBD creams, and CBD tinctures.

Cbd being a Phyto cannabinoid, can work with the human endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) binds indirectly with the receptors of the ECS. This ensures that it boost the activities that occur in the ECS without the consumers experiencing the side effects of CBD. After the consummation, it will help in the management of weight, appetite, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, pain, and inflammation.

How Long Can CBD Stay in My Body? 

The reason for failing a drug test is the existence of the THC compound in the CBD oil products. There are also some cannabinoids found in cannabis that can make you fail the drug tests. Here is a summary on the time CBD is likely to taker in your body

  • Urine: it will take three days for the Cbd to show in your urine from the day of consumption. The duration takes in your urine may depend on how frequently you use CBD oil for pain. People using CBD oil for a single dose may show the presence of Cbd in their urine for three days. Heavey use may last for 30days or more
  • Hair: If Cbd is to test from your hair, then it may indicate a drug that was used 90 days ago. It’s, therefore, the longest test and may not be good for those who use hemp oil or CBD topicals for they may indicate the use of cannabis
  • Blood: It’s not the best way to use for testing CBD/other cannabinoids. The test may show 3h hours after use and may be valid for only another one hour ahead
  • Saliva: Saliva can indicate the presence of Cbd a minute after you consume Cbd. However, it can last up to o36 hours in your saliva.

Key Factors to Consider When Determining The Duration

Here are some the significant key factors which must be considered when calculating the duration of CBD staying in a person’s body.

  • Method of ingestion: 

The method used to ingest Cbd can affect the duration CBD can take in your body. Vaping being the common method of consumption is the quickest way of adding Cbd into your body. It’s used on CBD vapes. This implies that it will not take long in the body. CBD oil products such as tinctures that are absorbed sublingually will last longer in your body than CBD vape. CBD gummies, CBD oils and CBD edibles that are digested and absorbed in the liver may be the method of consumption that will live much of Cbd and other cannabinoids in the body

  • Bodyweight:

Cbd being a soluble fat is normally stored in our fat cells. Persons with lower body mass indexes are likely to have few fat cat cells. No much of CBD will be stored in their body. On the other hand, people with higher BMI have more fat cells; thus, more CBD is stored in fat cells. The is an implication that CBD will take longer in their body

  • Lifestyle:

Various activities can affect the duration of Cbd in the human body. Cbd being a soluble fat, scientifically, its believed that any activity that can enhance the fat burning process may help in eliminating of Cbd in the body. These activities include exercise, fiber diet, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water.

  • Biochemistry:

The ate of metabolisms of substance is always unique to every person. This implies that every person is different. The way my body reacts to a given substance may be different from the way your body reacts to the same substance. This is what causes the difference in how long Cbd takes in the body.

  • Frequency of usage and dosage:

One-time consumption of CBD may not lead to its accumulation in the body. However, for people to consume the CBD dosage regularly, they will be stored in your cells. This extends the duration of CBD oil in your body. Approximately 10-15 days. When taking a stronger dosage of Cbd, expect that it will take longer to disappear from your system.

Will It Show Up on Drug Tests?

Cbd products are made from industrial hemp with a high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD). The reality is that Cbd will not show ion the drug test because most of the products are free from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So, if you are seeking employment and you have to pass that drug test, stay away from CBD oil products that have more than 0.3% of THC. This will ensure you get the only Cbd that is pure, natural and free form other cannabinoids that can make you fail the drug test

Is CBD Even Legal to Begin With?

What do you know about the legal status of Cbd in your state? Well, you can learn more about the legality of CBD here. Cbd oil is extracted from the hemp plant that is allowed in many states of the USA. The only condition is that all the CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC. All these laws are to protect you from encountering the side effects of Cbd.


Cbd oil products are the best alternative and natural way of overcoming the challenges that will normally have in our daily lives. However, you must proceed with caution because some companies don’t obey the rules set to govern the growth, proceeding, and distribution of hemp products

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