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FAB CBD Review: Is The Brand Really Good or Just a Scam?

FAB CBD Review

In CBD industries FAB CBD is one of the popular and well-known brands. FAB CBD has a wide range of CBD products which are helpful for different symptoms such as, unhealthy sleep, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, etc. With so many brands in the market, FAB CBD has made its different position because of its high-quality product.  In addition, they have varieties of products; CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, Topicals, and much more. Today here we are going to give you Full FAB CBD Review so that you can find the best product as per your requirement.

Who Is Fab CBD?

FAB CBD was founded by two self-proclaimed fitness professionals in 2017. It should be noted that it is a very new brand. But with its major efforts and over the counter medication they come up to this position. It is becoming the consumer’s first choice when it comes to CBD products.

As per the FAB CBD, their only mission is to develop innovative and quality wellness supplements. Moreover, their affordable price makes it possible for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The team of FAB CBD has a wellness professional who spent over 25 years in the fitness industry, supplement industries, and pharmaceutical. They are the core strength of the success of their brands.

What We Know About FAB So Far

FAB CBD pays proper attention to the health and wellbeing of the customers. Along with their high-quality products for assurance they provide the lab reports for their products. Here are the few things that make it the right choice for you:

  • Less expensive as compared to other brands
  • Sourced from Colorado-grown hemp.
  • Available in Full Spectrum and Isolated form
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Extraction through Co2 method
  • 30 days refund Policy
  • Vegan Friendly
  • User-friendly and informative website

How We Tested The Products Offered By FAB CBD

Whenever we talk about CBD products, we are always concerned with its lab test reports. Because of the rules and regulations plus the rumors about CBD products. As per the federal laws in 2018 the doors open for the sale of CBD products in the market. With this law, many companies have come up with claiming the best CBD products. But are all the claims are true? For this, you should be aware of the labels, test results, and their accuracy. To assure you about the FAB CBD reviews, we are providing you the details and accuracy of the product below:

Labels And Their Accuracy

Firstly, the Food Drug Administration is preparing to regulate CBD products. Till then the manufacturer is free to add ingredients accordingly. If we talk about the FAB CBD review about labels the CBD is up to 98% pure. More details about the ingredients are available on their official website. You can easily check their third-party lab test reports for more clarification.

Fair Benchmark

Without a doubt, FAB CBD is one of the best brands in terms of the quality of the products. It should be noted that a 20% label variance is considered a fair benchmark. As per the federals laws 2020 the company is delivering about 100% of pure CBD. FAB CBD is the only brand in this industry which never compromise with the quality of the product. The thing FAB CBD claims they deliver to the customer. In fact, we can see in FAB CBD reviews given by their customers.

What We Found

FAB CBD quality products are made up of mostly all-natural ingredients. All the products are pure and are effective in various treatments. There are numerous benefits of every product. At the same time, there are a few things that could be better.

Room for Improvements

No doubt all FAB CBD products are of high quality. They deliver almost all variety of CBD products. If we talk about the customer reviews and our personal testing of the FAB CBD products have the highest quality as compared to other brands.

The Pros

We all know that CBD can help us to maintain our daily health routine. If it is delivered in proper dosage and in pure form it can help in various treatments as well. Especially FAB CBD brand benefits are given as follows:

  • The free shipping option is available in the USA on a purchase of above $89.
  • You will get a 10% instant discount when you sign up on their website.
  • FAB CBD is a well-established company and is very professional with their services.
  • User – friendly website.
  • All products are third-party lab tested and the reports are easily accessible.
  • FAB CBD has very positive customer reviews.

The Cons

FAB CBD products are delivered in the USA so, getting the product deliver outside it is a bit difficult.

Products Offered By Fab CBD

FAB CBD is one of the few brands which provides a variety CBD product. You can get all three forms of CBD and choose according to your requirement.

  • FAB CBD Oil
  • FAB CBD Topical CBD Cream
  • Fab CBD Body Salve
  • FAB CBD CBD Gummies
  • FAB CBD Dog Treats
  • FAB Nutrition Greens+ Superfoods


Particularly FAB CBD oil doesn’t need any introduction. It is among the best cbd oils in the market. You can check anywhere FAB CBD reviews for CBD oil is always positive. Whether you are a beginner or regular to CBD you will love this product. Not only its high quality but also it top in taste and variety of flavors. It is available in five different flavors – citrus, vanilla, berry, mint, and natural flavor. Also, it comes in different potencies from 300mg to 2400mg you can choose from. The best part is it can be used for different effects and to treat different health problems. It is a third-party lab tested and is completely safe secure. It comes with a dropper to maintain the dosage. All you need to do is put 1-2 drops of oil under your tongue and relax to enjoy its effects.

Fab CBD Oil

FAB CBD Topical CBD Cream

Unlike any other brand, FAB CBD has come up with one of the best topicals. It benefits chronic pain, inflammation, muscle, and joint pain. Along with this, it has 600 mg of CBD per bottle, coconut oil, vitamin E, aloe vera and skin-nourishing properties. Furthermore, these ingredients are effective, observes in skin early, and make it glowing and moisturized. It provides instant relief and applied directly to the affected area. If you buy directly from their official website you can easily get the guidance for its use. Besides this, it has been a third-party lab tested. A refreshing cream with blood orange extracts and cinnamon makes it even more special.

Fab CBD Oil

Fab CBD Body Salve

The body salve from Fab is certainly the one if you’re looking for an effective topical for pain relief. Not only just pain its also really great for joint and muscle relief. The salve comes in strengths of 1000 and 3000mg that includes ingredients such as golden jojoba oil, Menthol, Full spectrum Hemp flower extracts, Vitamin E and many more active ingredients.

Make sure to rub the salve on your skin gently on a regular basis to the area where you are feeling pain. The salve is only meant for use externally. If you’re an active golfer, runner, gardener, weight lifter or just a computer warrior typing all day this topical is the right product for you.

Fab CBD Oil


One of the easiest ways of consuming CBD. If you are new to CBD or have a super busy schedule this is the best way. In addition, it improves sleep, focus, and relieve pain. Each pack contains 30 gummies with 25 mg of CBD per gummy. Also, these gummies are made up of isolated CBD and don’t have an unpleasant or mind-altering effect. They are tasty and maintains the energy level. Moreover, these FAB CBD chews come in natural flavors and don’t have extra ingredients. It is vegan and THC free. You can have it anytime anywhere. They also have another option available which is CBD nighttime Gummies that offers melatonin for improving sleep

Fab CBD Oil

FAB CBD Dog Treats

This is One of the best CBD treats for your four-legged friend. If the pet is lack of nutrients or has any chronic pain, FAB CBD dog treats help to keep your dog healthy. Also, these dog treats help to treat anxiety, stress with multiple benefits of CBD. Along with this if you want to boost your dog’s immune system or want to maintain its coat, the FAB CBD dog treat is one of the best ways to do that. Moreover, it comes in delicious- Selmon, Chicken, and peanut butter flavors. You can check its third-party lab test results on their website or by scanning the QR-code on the product package.

Fab CBD Oil

FAB Nutrition Greens+ Superfoods

If you are health conscious and want to start some healthy food you must try FAB CBD nutrition greens + superfood. Particularly, this product has 80+ essential micronutrients. It is refreshing and helpful in removing toxins from the body. On the whole, this product makes you ready for the day. It boosts your energy and makes you feel good. This healthy superfood comes in two flavors: Citrus Mojito and Cocoa Crisp. Moreover, the product is:

  • Vegan
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Gluten-Free

Also, the ingredients are organically grown and serve correctly. This green superfood comes in 30 servings. You can have them and make part of your health routine.

Fab CBD Oil

Final Thoughts About Fab CBD

Undoubtedly, FAB CBD is one of the most trustable brands. Because of its high-quality products, third-party lab testing at affordable prices.  I have tried its products and personally recommend for better results. Not only quality but also the different concentrations of products make it even

better for daily use. To summarize we can say that FAB CBD products are valued for money. Hopefully, you get the idea from our FAB CBD review. But if you still have any doubt, you can try these products. It should be noted that the brand offers 30 days full fund refund if you are not happy with their results. So, buy smartly and get the desired health benefits!



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