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Charlotte’s Web CBD Review (2022 Update)

Charlotte’s Web Review

By now you have definitely heard about CBD or cannabidiol. It’s an organic compound that’s mainly found in the cannabis plant. CBD has been attracting public attention due to its effectiveness. As a result, brands are competitively rushing to formulate different products to consumers using it. One of the top brands in the CBD sector is Charlotte’s web. In this article, we give you a comprehensive Charlotte’s web CBD review with details of its key products.

Brief Overview of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the industry-leading pioneers in creating whole-plant hemp supplements. The CBD Company was founded by the Stanley brothers and it has grown considerably over the years to become a reputable brand globally. Its mission is to naturally improve the quality of life, by providing quality non-GMO CBD products. In this Charlotte’s web review, we look at Charlotte’s web story since its inception and some of the products they sell. You can find more information about the company here.

 Brief History of Charlotte’s Web in CBD Industry

Charlotte’s Web was named after Charlotte Figi, a girl who suffered from a rare form of epilepsy since birth. Charlotte would experience hundreds of seizures weekly and due to the lack of a cure, the condition was not easy to manage.

The Stanley Brothers, therefore, saw this as the best opportunity to try their genetically-selected CBD hemp extract. After her first dose of this marijuana, her epileptic seizures reduced significantly. Her story quickly drew media attention and it led to a change in medical marijuana laws in the US.

Since then, the Stanley brothers embarked on extensive research, trying to educate communities on the importance of wellness and CBD. Although Charlotte Figi died in April 2020, her legacy still lives on.

How We Tested the Products offered By Charlotte’s Web

To test the CBD products from Charlotte’s Web, we worked with the Confidence Analytics. It should be noted that Confidence Analytics is a state-licensed cannabis lab that’s found in Washington. In our analysis, we were keen on determining if a brand such as Charlotte’s Web delivers CBD the correct dose as per the product labels.

Labels and Accuracy

Does Charlotte’s Web CBD products meet the label accuracy? It’s worth noting that this is one of the most popular brands in the market. So, consumers definitely expect a higher level of accuracy. As a rule, we randomly select the products to test. So, we took Charlotte’s Web CBD hemp balm for testing.

As per the company’s product label, this product should contain 150 mg of CBD hemp oil. However, after testing, we found that it contains 80 mg CBD. So, the accuracy percentage of CBD on this product is around 53%.

A Fair Benchmark

When it comes to determining the accuracy of CBD products, we implement a fair benchmarking. This is because there is no specific regulatory body dealing with CBD companies. So, companies have to find their own means when it comes to testing.

We, therefore, decided to adopt the guidelines the FDA uses for label accuracy. This means that if a supplement’s dose accuracy is 20% below or above the value on its label, then it’s effective. So, it can still deliver effective results.

Our Findings on Charlotte’s Web

From the percentage accuracy results, it’s clear that Charlotte’s Web topical products have a significantly low level of accuracy. It’s only as half effective as it’s supposed to be. Generally, most CBD topical products go overboard with their CBD content since they are for external applications. However, the low content is not effective for the delivery of reliable dosages.


From the above findings, it’s clear that Charlotte’s Web needs to watch what it delivers to consumers.  Dosage delivery is crucial in providing effective results. If the products are almost half-concentrated as they are supposed to be, will they deliver effective results? Clearly, no.

Well, Charlotte’s Web can still make improvements. First, the brand should make sure that the CBD products they sell contain the right concentration of cannabidiol. Secondly, they need to use quality CBD extract in their formulas. Lastly, it’s important for this brand to use a reputable company to handle its 3rd-party tests in all the product batches. This will undoubtedly lead to better product quality.

  • Quality CBD: it’s important in ensuring that the consumers get the right CBD product. Note that products with low-quality CBD may have contaminants and other toxic compounds. If used, this may subsequently worsen the health of the consumer.
  • 3rd-party lab tests: they are particularly important in determining the content of CBD in every product batches. The lab reports should be comprehensive and highlight all the important aspects of the products including ingredients and concentration.
  • Price: Charlotte’s Web CBD products are not the cheapest. We feel that they should adjust their price range to complement the quality of the CBD products. However, if they choose to improve the quality of their CBD oil products, then the current price range will still be cost-effective.


  • The brand normally uses organic hemp extract
  • There are no additives or dyes in the CBD oils
  • There are several product varieties to choose from
  • Product COA’s are available online.


  • The concentration of CBD in the products is quite low
  • The potency range of CBD for pets is limited

Products Offered by Charlotte’s Web

There are several types of CBD products that Charlotte’s Web offers. As per the flexibility of CBD, the brand has capitalized on that to subsequently produce different forms of CBD for various purposes. In this Charlotte’s Web review, we look at these products and they include

Charlotte’s Web: CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is the common product that customers go for. The brand normally crafts it with care hence it’s of high-quality. The full-spectrum CBD oil contains cannabidiol and other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, and CBG. Due to the oils high phytocompounds, it promotes overall wellbeing and nourishes the body.

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is available in 4 flavors namely:

  • Lemon twist
  • Orange blossom
  • Mint chocolate and
  • Olive oil

These flavor options cater to different taste preference, based on the needs of the consumer needs. The oil comes in several concentrations including 17 mg CBD/ ml which is great for starting your CBD routine. Other concentrations are such as:

  • 7 Mg CBD/ 1 ml – Hemp oil with CBD: it’s another beginner-friendly formulation that is normally used to treat mild health conditions. It’s rich in phytocannabinoids to support general health.
  • 50 Mg CBD/ 1 ml – the original formula: this is Charlotte’s Web CBD oil flagship formula. It’s ideal for treating chronic discomfort and pain.
  • 60 mg CBD/1 ml – the most concentrated CBD per serving: if you are not sure if your CBD routine is effectively serving your needs, then try this. It’s a full-spectrum extract that was uniquely designed to support a demanding lifestyle. You need to use it consistently for 10 days to determine if this is the right concentration for you.
  • 7 Mg and 17 Mg CBD/ 1 ml- AM/PM Bundle: it’s great for establishing a CBD routine. You need to use 17 mg every night for a better rest. To gently start your day, use the 7 mg option.
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Charlotte’s Web: CBD Gummies

As one of the top CBD brands, Charlotte’s Web has invested in product versatility. Its CBD gummies provide a tasty, delicious, and convenient way to use CBD.  Gummies are edibles that totally offer discreetness and can fit in any wellness regimen. Additionally, the gummies can be taken while you are on the move or in social places.

According to the manufacturer, the gummies feature whole-plant extracts. Furthermore, they come with nutraceutical blends. As a result, they effectively offer consumers day and night support. They have natural juices for flavor in variations such as:

  • Lemon-lime
  • Raspberry
  • Ginger

To deliver the botanical goodness of organic compounds in your body, the gummies come in variations such as:

  • CBD gummies for sleep: the 10 mg dietary supplement promotes better sleep patterns. This CBD product works in conjunction with melatonin, a natural sleeping aid. It supports sound, regular, and quality sleeping cycles. It should be noted that effectiveness in the taste of these gummies is supported by natural juices from fruits and vegetables. For better results, take the gummies 30 minutes before your usual bedtime.
  • CBD Calm Gummies: they are ideally designed to calm the mind and body. The brand understands that life is full of stressful situations that lead to anxiety and loss of focus. So, these gummies work efficiently to counter the effects of everyday stresses. They also support a sense of relaxation and calm. This is facilitated by the powerful blend of CBD oil, lemon balm, and L-theanine.
  • CBD Recovery Gummies: these are squishy and tasty alternatives that help to treat exercise-induced inflammation. Recovery CBD gummies are organically made with a potent blend of ginger, turmeric, and CBD. It is effective in supporting joint health as well as joint strength.
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Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules

Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules offer an odorless and flavorless way of consuming CBD. They are made by a dedicated team of botanists and chemists to ensure that you consume quality CBD oil conveniently. The capsules come in two varieties including:

  • The 15 mg CBD oil liquid capsules: contain high-quality CBD in high-quality capsule
  • The 25 mg CBD oil liquid capsules: contain full-spectrum hemp extract in a capsule
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Charlotte’s Web: CBD Topicals

CBD creams and other topical products are for external application on the skin. You need to apply the topical product to a specific area for a localized effect. For flexibility, Charlotte’s Web has CBD topicals in the form of creams, roll-on, gel, and balm stick among others. These products consist of:

  • Hemp CBD cream: it revitalizes, rejuvenates, and restores the skin. This is a botanical cream formula that goes in smoothly over larger body areas. It should be noted that it’s ideal for sensitive skin. The formula comes in a tube with 750 mg CBD.
  • Hemp CBD balm: unlike the cream, the balm is ideal for smaller and specific areas. This includes the knuckles, wrist, etc. The full-spectrum hemp extract contains menthol, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil to enhance its effectiveness. Note that it comes in two tins: 150 mg CBD and 450 mg CBD tin.
  • Hemp CBD roll-on: this is a conveniently portable and effective CBD roll-on with a lavender scent. It’s ideal for small areas such as wrists, temples, and forehead. Note that the roll-on also contains chamomile and bergamot oils that are essential in oil aromatherapy.
  • Pain relief ointment: it’s usually ideal for easing different types of pains and aches. You need to apply the ointment to the specific area for effectiveness. This may include stiff joints as in the case of arthritis. You can also use the ointment to alleviate neck pain, back pain, muscle pain, and generally enhance post-workout recovery.
  • Sports pain relief stick: this is an active CBD pain relief that’s normally used by sports enthusiasts. It’s made for those who lead active lifestyles and need temporary pain relief on the go. The stick is highly effective for treating bruises, sprains, strains, and distress for minor muscles and joints.
  • Massage therapy pain relief oil: it penetrates deeply into the skin to soothe sore muscles. It’s effective for relieving minor aches and pains. The massage therapy CBD oil contains other potent ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, frankincense oil, and menthol among others. It helps to relax and revive muscles.
  • Foot and ankle pain relief stick: it’s generally effective for easily easing foot pain. The solid stick has been uniquely designed to go smoothly and evenly on the skin and to efficiently penetrate into the source of pain. It should be noted that the foot and ankle pain relief stick is Charlotte’s Web’s proprietary formulation. It can help to relieve minor pain in ankles, toes, and feet, thereby allowing you to walk with ease. Generally, the CBD stick provides easy-of-use and you can use it while on-the-go.
  • Itch, rash, and pain ointment: this is a medicated CBD ointment that’s effective for treating skin complications. It contains an anti-itch feature that’s ideal for itchy, flaky, and dry skin. The product can efficiently melt away minor skin irritations. It contains colloidal oatmeal as its active ingredient. This helps to protect and soothe the skin. On the other hand, peppermint oil and tea tree oil help to cool and soothe the skin. There is also beeswax and jojoba seed oil that replenishes the skin thanks to their hydrating effects.
  • Hemp-infused cooling CBD gel: it’s an ideal cooling and soothing product that’s suitable for any wellness routine. According to the manufacturer, this product contains CBD, menthol, and arnica which can help you hit the gym or trail.
  • CBD natural foaming acne facial cleanser: you can effectively manage acne with this gentle foaming facial cleanser. It clears up blemishes and suitable for use while on the go. Generally, it tends to leave the skin feeling fresh, healthy, and revitalized.
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Charlotte’s Web is a popular brand in the medical cannabis sector. We love the fact that it has a very large product catalogue. You can literally find here any CBD product that you need. Note that the CBD formulations come in distinct variations, perfectly catering to different user needs. However, the brand has to be consistent in product concentration to ensure it matches what’s on the label.

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