Cannabis Beauty Defined is the world’s first luxury skin care line featuring CBD hemp oil. This nourishing line includes everything you need naturally for radiant, healthy skin. 

Learn more about Each Cannabis Beauty Defined product blends the effects of CBD with a Bi-Bong herbal blend for a unique skin care brand. 

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Defined Anti-aging Skincare line

Kannactiv for Troubled Skin

The Kannactiv skincare line is built on three basic steps:  

Activate - a gentle scrub to wipe away dirt, excess oil and dry, dead skin cells.

Balance - a nutrient-rich, alcohol-free toner with natural astringent and pH balancing properties that deeply cleanses the pores without excessive drying of the skin 

Clarify - a light moisturizer that hydrates and protects skin cells to function at their optimal level giving you healthy, radiant looking skin.