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Everything You Need to Know About The CBD Side Effects

Everything You Need to Know About The CBD Side Effects

CBD has quickly become a popular product for those suffering from an array of ailments. Whether it’s anxiety, depression or epilepsy you suffer from, CBD may help. Many people around the world are raving about the benefits of CBD for their conditions. Its popularity was sped along when it became legal to farm industrial hemp in the United States in 2018. That’s pretty recent, and since then CBD has really taken off. It’s a multimillion-dollar industry these days that just keeps growing. However, there are possibly some side effects of CBD you should be aware of.

On the other hand, CBD oil might have many benefits for your health so it’s important to make an informed decision when deciding whether or not to take it. If you do decide to try it out, there are many ways you can do this, including CBD gummies, CBD vape oil or CBD cream.

Before We Begin: Some Thoughts About CBD Or Cannabidiol

If you’re wondering where CBD oil comes from, we’ve got the answers. CBD or cannabidiol come from cannabis. Cannabis has two main strains – marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is known for it’s low CBD content and high THC content. THC is the psychoactive part of cannabis that makes you feel high. Hemp has much higher CBD content and lower THC content. That’s why the CBD oils you’ll find have been derived from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is required to have less than 0.3% THC content, which is why CBD does not make you feel high. There are, however, some possible side effects of CBD that you should know about, which are discussed further down.

CBD oil might have many benefits for our health. Many people use it because it lessens their joint pain, chronic pain and arthritis. This is because it has anti inflammatory properties. When your body is less inflamed, of course your pain will slowly start to subside.

Other people use CBD because it helps with their anxiety, depression or sleep. CBD calms the mind and body, so it will lessen your racing thoughts. This both relieves anxiety and helps users get to sleep much more easily.

There are lots of ways of taking CBD and it can be purchased easily online. Have it delivered right to your door! The options are endless – you can vape it with CBD vape oil and a special vape pen. Munch on CBD gummies or put CBD oil in your food. For pain relief, many people find that applying CBD topically is much more effective than ingesting it. In this case you can try massaging a CBD cream into a particularly painful spot.

Top Side Effects of CBD You Must Know

While CBD oil might have many benefits, there are also possible side effects of CBD. It’s important that you make an informed decision when deciding whether or not you’re going to take CBD. Not all people experience side effects, and the degree to which they are experienced will naturally vary from person to person.

Below is a detailed list of some of the known side effects of CBD. There are other known side effects as well so this is not a comprehensive list. If you have concerns or previous health conditions, you should look for a full list of side effects. This is just the top 7 side effects of CBD.

Interactions with other drugs

One of the side effects of CBD is that the interaction between CBD and endocannabinoid system in our body can cause problems when there are other medications involved. There have been studies showing that taking CBD has an effect on how our bodies can absorb other medication. This is dangerous, because people take their medications for a reason and CBD can potentially reduce the efficacy of some of them. If you are taking medications and considering trying CBD gummies or CBD cream for pain, speak to your doctor first.


One of the side effects of CBD is that it can make you feel sleepy. This is fantastic at bed time and not such a great thing if you’re trying to drive or operate heavy machinery. How sleepy you’re going to feel is different for everyone. It depends on a range of factors such as dose, weight and how accustomed you are to CBD. If you’ve taken it before, you should know how sleepy it makes you feel. Otherwise, steer clear if you’re planning on driving or other activities requiring your alert attention.


Sometimes when taking CBD, people may start to feel lightheaded or dizzy. This will pass with time and usually doesn’t last very long. This is one of the side effects of CBD that most people don’t experience. Sometimes caffeine can help with this, so try making yourself a cup of strong coffee and see how you feel after drinking that.

Weight or appetite changes

There has been a study which found that some people who take CBD may experience weight changes and/ or changes in appetite. It’s important if you’re taking CBD to keep note of this and if it is causing weight changes for you, you may want to stop taking it. If it is causing appetite changes, make sure that you’re still eating enough each day and not overeating. Whether these changes are caused by effects of CBD on hormones is still to be determined. It has not been figured out yet why these changes happen, or why they happen in some people and not others.

Liver damage

It is possible that one of the side affects of CBD is that it may cause liver damage in some people. Liver enzymes increasing are a sign that the liver is damaged or malfunctioning. Taking CBD has been associated with an increase in liver enzymes, which is not a good sign. if you already suffer from liver damage or have a liver-affecting disease, it may be best to stay away from CBD. Studies have not yet conclusively stated that CBD is bad for your liver but we think it’s better to be safe just in case. Because CBD is still such a new product on the market, there haven’t been enough tests yet to definitely prove its safety.

Dry mouth

The interaction between CBD and endocannabinoid system can cause us to experience a dry mouth. This is because taking CBD inhibits saliva secretion. Without as much saliva, our mouths feel dry and you can feel constantly thirsty. This occurrence can happen no matter what strain of cannabis you take – whether it’s marijuana, hemp or CBD. This effect is usually not felt too strongly in most people so it could be a little discomfort but usually no more serious than that. Make sure you have some water handy and keep drinking it when you take CBD and you should be fine. Stay away from caffeine and other food products which dehydrate you.

Low blood pressure

This one is both a positive and negative – CBD can lower your blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, this may be absolutely fantastic for you. You may have just found an easy way to lower your blood pressure and help with other ailments such as anxiety. However, if you have low blood pressure already, this has the potential to become dangerous for you. If you do have low blood pressure, it’s necessary that you discuss it with your doctor before you start taking CBD. This side affect of low blood pressure is probably why some people may feel dizzy when they take CBD.


We know that CBD can help with many ailments affecting people today. In particular it has gained notoriety because it can help people suffering from anxiety or depression and sleep issues. For these problems, many people are finding it a very effective method of dealing with their issue.

However, there are some side effects that people need to be aware of before taking CBD. A particularly troubling one is the fact that it lowers blood pressure, because someone with already low blood pressure may unknowingly take CBD and end up in trouble. That’s why it’s important to always do research on any product you take before taking it. And speaking to your doctor first is never a bad idea.

Another particularly scary side affect is that it may interact with other medications. Those on medications need to be very cautious about trying CBD and should definitely speak to a doctor about it first.

Other side effects of CBD can include dizziness, dry mouth, weight change or appetite change. Watch out for these side effects and decide whether it’s worth continuing to take CBD or if you’d be better to stop.

Overall, if you do your research and make an informed decision based on your current health, CBD is a great way of helping with a number of ailments.

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