Becoming a Business Merchant with Kannaway

Becoming a business merchant with Kannaway is an amazing opportunity and a simple process. You will be able to purchase our Kannaway products at 50% off retail and have the ability to put our high-quality and natural CBD based products in as many hands as possible.   



To become a Business to Business merchant, or as we call it, a B2B, we recommend that the owner of the business first sign up to be a Brand Ambassador.  This will allow you to sell products through a website, sign on more Brand Ambassadors beneath you, and also earn a commission. After that, you will attach your storefront as a business to yourself. 


You are required to place a $5,000 one-time order where you will be purchasing items at the special B2B pricing and then reselling retail. After the initial purchase, there are no purchase requirements and you can place an order of any amount at any time. 

*There are no minimum order requirements after that initial purchase. You will also receive free shipping.

To become a B2B, you must have a storefront, resale certificate through your state, and a federal tax ID number. 

Download and complete the form uploaded below and please send to the person who connected you to this site.

B2B Registration & Order Forms

Quick Product Reference - B2B (pdf)


Complete price list B2B (jpg)


Product Reference Guide - B2B (pdf)